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Cool Factor – Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder

I just think it’s cool
Epson has “upgraded” their hot selling Leica mount digital rangefinder.

It comes with an ancient 6mp APS-C CCD, they’ve added the handgrip and a 2.5″ LCD.

Epson R-D1x

Very cool and something I wish Canon or Nikon would make.

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15 responses to “Cool Factor – Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder”

  1. Oh wow, Seiko-Epson has updated this and it’s for sale again? The previous versions were becoming something of a hot item due to the fact that they were no longer widely available and those wanting a digital rangefinder like the M8 were stuck with…well…Leica and it’s price.

    I’ve seen some really good images on Flickr taken with Epsons.

  2. I wonder if it has any shutter lag? Every digital compact I have tried suffers from it, but they were all autofocus…

  3. i would have to see the sensor’s output before i’d get anything like this, as cool as it seems. if the sensor was competitive with noise levels and tonal rendition, i’d probably buy such a product.

  4. Probably the same sensor as Nikon D40/D50…

    There is a large consumer market want a really good camera (IQ) and compact body.

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