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Crazy Stuff – EOS 3D [CR0]

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I received these specs today, they’re nothing like anything I’ve received before. So I’m going to post them for fun.

This is a rumors site!

EOS 3D Specifications
– Price: 3499
-27mp Foveon (?)
Foveon is property of Sigma, so that kills the spec list. Unless Canon has their own version.
– 5FPS
– 16bit (16 bit what?)
– BG-E9 Grip, uses 7D & 5D2 battery
– 7D Weathersealing

This one deserves a massive grain of salt like I said earlier.


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  1. The last comment I’ve seen about this is that Canon were trying to work out how to handle the huge (200MB+) RAW files that were coming out of the full colour sensor.

  2. I will buy this. 1D size body will be ok for me and integrated Wifi and bluetooth (remote control + GPS).

  3. The camera will not have Foveon sensor, but instead 25MP Bayer sensor. The eye focusing mechanism needs some adjustments, but with our help Canon will make it right. The FPS info is correct. The grain of salt mentioned in the article indeed comes within the package, but only if you buy it with 300-500 f4.0 IS Tilt-Shift Macro SB kit lens. We have tested it and it is a perfect walkaround lens, but corners are a bit soft wide open, especially at wide end.

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