The Review
Here's a head to head review of Nikon's D5000 & Canon's T1i.

Conclusion snippet
“This finds us in a familiar spot. The best camera of the two is really a camera that combines the features we like of both. Another “it depends,” but we find ourselves leaning towards the Nikon D5000 for a few reasons……..”


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  1. Well, Nikon released a 35mm F1.8 DX lens which comes with USM like internal ultrasonic motor for $199. A bit more expensive than 50/1.8 plastic toys but much better built quality with even mount rubber gasket. 35mm on a cropped sensor is much more useful than a 50mm. So that problem is no longer an issue.

  2. the lens issue is a bit over rated. Most entry DSLR buyers will only one the kit lens, period. Just go to any East Egg hunt and see how many moms and pops holding their digital Rebels with crappy 18-55 lens. So imagine I am one of those D40/40x/60/3000/5000 user. Why would I bougther to even spend time looking for non AF-S lens anyhow. There are plenty to choose from. Ok, maybe your grandpa gave you an old AI-s lens from the 70s and you want to try it just for sentimental value. It will still work on D5000. You just need to focus and meter it manually. At least you can still use it. Not like if got an FN lens as gift. What do you do what that?

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