The Canon USA store is clearing out their refurbished stock of the EOS 80D it appears, you can get two kits for big savings.

All refurbished gear from the Canon USA store comes with a full 1 year Canon USA warranty.

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  1. Locally used 80D body only goes for about $650, so this is actually a pretty great deal. I read somewhere that these are actually brand new unsold overstock returns from big box retailers like Costco - no way I can confirm that. I can confirm that the overall softening of the 'real' camera market is reflected at our local Costco. SL1/2, Rebel T6/7, 7DII, 80D's and similar Nikon's used to be on the main isle along with several manufacturers' compact P&S. A sales person was stationed nearby to assist anyone who showed an interest. Then they were moved to an interior location, the display space & number of models cut in half. Recently they were moved again even further away from the main traffic area, space cut again and now just 2 models each Canon and Nikon - nothing else. Sad!
  2. That's a really nice deal. My backup camera body is a 70D, and I wish it were an 80D instead for f/8 autofocus. (My go-to setup is 5DIV w/ 100-400 II + 1.4x).

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