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Deal: Save 30% on the new Nik Collection 3 by DXO

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DXO is offering launch pricing on the new Nik Collection 3 suite of photo editing tools. You can save 30% on Nik Collection 3 on both upgrades and new purchases until September 20, 2020.

The Nik Collection 3 is one of my favorite editing packages, I use Silver EFX almost every day.

What is the Nik Collection 3?

Nik Collection 3 by DxO is a suite of eight powerful photo-editing plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and DxO PhotoLab, that helps photographers take their images to the next level. Together the plug-ins allow a wide range of effects to be applied quickly and easily to images, such as great black & white conversions, attractive colour adjustments and creative treatments and new in this version, comprehensive geometric corrections.

A new non-destructive mode allows you to export images as TIFF files and tweak your edits while keeping your original images safe and your adjustments reversible.

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CR Pro
Jul 14, 2018
When I log in there is a separate discount available (USD150 down to USD99.99) which overrides this 30% discount (I think because it works out as 33% as opposed to 30%)! Confusing, but I took the 33% discount. It's a one-off price.


CR Pro
Mar 22, 2012
Fine if you never had Nik Software. It's a software I quite like. What I didn't like was the upgrade to Nik 3 which other than perspective efex was not an upgrade at all. Silver Efex, Color Efex, etc were not altered in functionality (maybe some presets were added but it wasn't noticeable). I was annoyed by this as I was happy to support Nik as I thought they were continuing to develop the plugins.


Mar 28, 2013
Nik is great software. The Silver Efex alone is worth it (I paid $150 for the standalone Silver Efex back before Google bought Nik), and Color Efex is pretty good, and the HDREfex has some decent HDR utility. I have used the Sharpener a little, and the Denoising barely at all. Viveza is a tool that I should use more--there are some really handy uses for it--and so all in all, it's a great package.

But DxO is doing a crap job managing the software and dealing with customers. The interface is getting worse, not better. They keep changing how the pre-sets are arranged/grouped, and so it's getting harder and harder to quickly work images. And their marketing and customer service is awful. They offer a discount, and then a week later, offer a steeper discount--only to tell customers who paid the higher price that they're out of luck. They "upgrade" software and offer the upgrade at a lower price than the previous version was offered weeks before. And when you contact them, they tell you basically tough luck, their marketing department decided to do the pricing the way it is and have a hard cut-off that screws customers who have already paid.

In other words, they're prioritizing new customers over existing customers.

DxO bought the Nik Collection from Google, who bought it from Nik. So far, I have seen no indication that Google or DxO has improved upon the fantastic software that Nik created over a decade ago.

Companies like Topaz and Imagenomic are doing a much better job developing software and supporting customers. If I didn't love Silver Efex so much, DxO wouldn't get any of my money.