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Deal: Save on the EOS M50 Mark II, EOS M200 and PowerShot G7X Mark II

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Adorama is having a Mother’s Day sale on select affordable Canon cameras.

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Apr 26, 2020
Nice low prices on the M50 configs, I was wondering if this points to something new coming...


Feb 11, 2014
It still is a good camera for it’s purpose. I still have mine, but I have mostly replaced it with my G5X II. There is a local art show in a couple weeks, and at least two of the pictures I will show were taken with the G7X II.
A bit off-topic, but how large is the gap between g7x II and g5x II? I mean, viewfinder aside, what are the most sensible upgrades?


CR Pro
Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
A bit off-topic, but how large is the gap between g7x II and g5x II? I mean, viewfinder aside, what are the most sensible upgrades?
There are a lot of small differences. The most obvious two are 120mm equivalent zoom vs. 100mm and 4K video. I think the lens is a little better. A lot of things are a little faster, and it has better battery life. The viewfinder is not great, but is nice to have in bright sunlight. Its biggest problem is the fussiness of the tiny lever that controls the diopter. I doubt I got it really in focus, but just close enough to see the composition, which is all I use it for, anyway. With the little lens, depth of field is large anyway, so manual focus is rarely an issue. I would use the screen and the focus aids for that.

I am pleased that I bought it, but at current prices I can see why someone might decide the $400 difference between it and the old 7 is not worth it.

My options as I saw them at the time were to just keep using the 7 II, or buy the 7 III, 5 II, or an M 50 for travel. I had used the 7 in Denmark and Sweden that June very successfully. The new models came out before my fall trip of over two weeks in Italy followed by a 14-night Mediterranean cruise. I took the 7 along as a backup. I accidentally took it out of my bag when I went out in the afternoon after arriving at my room in Rome. Otherwise I didn’t use it. I think the 5 outdid itself on the pictures I took of Venice at night from my balcony on the moving ship.

I doubt you will learn that much about the differences by looking at my pictures, but you are welcome to view some of my Scandinavian pictures taken with the 7 and the Italy and cruise pictures, all but the first few, from the Spanish steps on, taken with the 5. Of course these are reduced JPEGs for the web taken from the original Raw files.