I am receiving lots of information about delays with current products, as well as future products.

Below is what I am told is the delay in regards to manufacturing times of new current cameras

  • 1D Mark IV – 2-4 Months
  • 5D Mark II –  1-2 Months
  • 7D – 1-2 Month

New Camera Announcements
We have always been told the 1Ds replacement would be in 2012, now we are hearing the next 5D will also be 2012. [NL] alluded to that as well.

Current time frames for new cameras.

  • 1Ds Mark IV – Early 2012
  • 1D Mark V – Early 2012
  • 5D Mark III – Late 2011 – Mid 2012
  • 7D Mark II – Late 2012
  • 70D – Early 2013
  • T4i – Early 2012

This stuff will move around, but I reiterate there is a ton of uncertainty.

I've received nothing in regards to arrival of the announced lens, I'll keep asking.


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