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Discontinuing Cameras & Lenses[CR1]

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Rebel XSi & 50D Done
Received information today that said both the XSi and 50D are on final sell offs and no longer available from Canon.

100 f/2.8 Macro
Currently the 100 f/2.8 non-L macro is still available from Canon. It’s on the latest Canon price sheets.


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  1. Yes, but that doesn’t mean that Canon couldn’t base the design of the 1000D replacement on the 450D as well. Indeed this would be the cheapest way of developing a “new” camera model. i.e. add video to the 450D and call it the 2000D.

  2. The 50D is being cleared out by many Australian camera retailers and Canon Australia are giving away 50D in numerous competitions held by various companies including their own.

  3. I think Bugger has some issues with his ‘humor’. Chi -mark sounds nothing like “Wal-mart” even with the mispronounciation of “chi” like “china” instead of “k-ie” as the Greek letter. It’s a lame joke at best.

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