Our favourite photo editor DxO PhotoLab has won the award for best imaging software by TIPA for the 4th time (Sorry Adobe). When it comes to hardware, pretty much everything new wins an award. However, in software, it's a bit different.

We have found PhotoLab to have the best tools for photo editing in the industry. Their Deepprime feature has been a game changer for a lot of people. It has everything you'd expect in a good photo editor and so much more.

The best part is that you can find out on your own with their fully functioning 30-day trial.

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Press Release

18th April 2023, Thanks to its combination of new features and enduring popularity with exacting photographers, DxO PhotoLab has again been crowned TIPA’s Best Imaging Software Professional. As the most advanced, end-to-end, RAW photo editing software on the market, this is the fourth consecutive year it has won — and the eighth in total.

Paris (France): DxO Labs, the company behind some of the world’s most innovative photo-editing software, is proud to announce that DxO PhotoLab 6 has received a prestigious 2023 TIPA World Award for Best Imaging Software Professional. This is the fourth year running that PhotoLab has been awarded by TIPA for ensuring “photographers to get utmost quality from their RAW files,” a testament to the software’s enduring reputation for technical quality and creative freedom.

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has been rewarding photo and imaging excellence for more than three decades. Since 1991, its Technical Committee has drawn expertise from respected imaging experts and journalists from around the globe before singling out the very best cameras, lenses, lighting accessories — and of course image editing software. This makes the TIPA World Awards a reliable resource for photographers of all levels from enthusiasts to professionals, and means that customers can rest assured they’re buying the right kit.

The yearly TIPA World Awards covers 40 categories, including Best Imaging Software Professional – the prize awarded to DxO PhotoLab 6 this year. This achievement marks a historic quadruple success with Version 6 joining its predecessors DxO PhotoLab 5, DxO PhotoLab 4 and DxO PhotoLab 3, in topping the Best Imaging Software categories in 2022, 2021 and 2020, respectively. The new accolade means DxO’s flagship photo-editing software has now won an award an incredible eight times – more than any other software.

Why DxO PhotoLab 6 came out on top again

In its official citation, TIPA’s Technical Committee lavished praise on DxO PhotoLab 6 for the exceptional quality and ease of use delivered by its AI-powered denoising and demosaicing engine, saying “DeepPRIME XD removes unprecedented levels of noise, enhances detail, and delivers more accurate colors — all in just a few clicks,” essentially improving results from any RAW file it’s used on.

The Committee also noted DxO PhotoLab 6’s optical corrections, built from a vast library of lens and camera profiles, that DxO has fostered with unflinching attention and technical rigor over a 20-year period, making “even entry-level lenses look professional.”

There was also a commendation for the software’s new DxO Wide Gamut working color space, which “ensures end-to-end accuracy and is complemented by a soft proofing mode that includes ink and paper simulation” for perfect printing and sharing.

Elsewhere, DxO PhotoLab 6 was congratulated on “its innovative ColorWheel tool that gives users absolute control over hue, luminance, and saturation; the Smart Lighting tool’s automated highlight and shadow balancing; and an ingenious new ReTouch tool that offers sophisticated cloning and healing.”

A reward for enduring excellence

Reacting to DxO PhotoLab’s latest TIPA Award, Jérôme Ménière, co-founder and CEO of DxO Labs, said: “At DxO we know photographers are always searching for the finest image quality, so we pride ourselves on the constant improvement of our software. With DxO PhotoLab recognized by TIPA for the fourth year in a row, it proves we’re very much on the right track. As the Technical Committee discovered, DxO PhotoLab 6’s new DeepPRIME XD mode brings unprecedented quality to RAW processing, vastly improving even photos previously beyond saving. And knowing the essential value of color workflow, we’re particularly pleased that TIPA highlighted DxO PhotoLab 6’s Wide Gamut working color space, a vital tool for exacting professionals and fastidious amateurs who want perfect color accuracy from exposure to print.”

What is DxO PhotoLab?

Now on Version 6.3, DxO PhotoLab is a complete application for processing, organizing, and exporting photos. Its standout features include:

  • Powerful DeepPRIME RAW processing

With its new DeepPRIME XD mode, DxO PhotoLab 6 allows the highest quality processing of RAW files available, increasing detail, reducing noise, and guaranteeing beautiful, natural color

  • Peerless Optical Corrections

Based on cutting-edge measurements from DxO’s renowned laboratories, DxO PhotoLab 6’s market-leading corrections provide sharper images, free of imperfections

  • Essential DxO Wide Gamut color space

DxO PhotoLab 6’s employs improved algorithms and a vast new working color space to ensure the ultimate accuracy and vibrancy in color as well as authentic reproduction in printing and sharing

  • Intuitive local adjustments with U Point™

DxO’s exclusive U Point technology is the tactile and intuitive way to make local adjustments, all without tricky masks and cumbersome layers

  • Effortless image management with PhotoLibrary

The software includes a robust file navigator and image manager that lets photographers search and sort photos using effective tags, keywords, and project hierarchies

  • Stress-free with no subscription

DxO’s software has always been free of subscription – once you buy it, it’s yours for good and receives regular updates to improve features, fine-tune functionality, and ensure compatibility with the widest selection of camera and lens combinations on the market.

How to try DxO PhotoLab

To discover first-hand why DxO PhotoLab 6 was chosen as Best Imaging Software Professional in the 2023 TIPA World Awards, photographers just need to navigate to https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/ where they can download a free, 30-day trial. The trial package requires no payment details and has no restrictions in features or functionality.

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