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DxOMark Splits from DXO Labs

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DxOMark has split from DXO Labs and the latter will now be focused on software development, most notably the recently acquired Nik Software suite, which they say will be re-released in 2018.

DxOMark will continue its camera and lens testing and will reportedly become “more objective and less affected by DXO Lab products” according to Image Senors World.

DxOMark does have some credibility issues in certain circles when it comes to testing, so hopefully this will be a good thing and will start changing public perception. We all love objective reviews and those are harder and harder to come by.

The email from DXOMark

We’ve had an important internal change as well: In September, DxOMark Image Labs was spun off from DxO Labs. DxOMark Image Labs is now a privately-owned, independent company. As such, we continue to pursue the development and commercialization of image quality solutions and services that support our customers in designing the best-quality camera systems for a range of markets, including smartphones, DSC/DSLRs, drones, action cams, surveillance, and automotive.

My head’s spinning a bit, too many “DxOs”, so hopefully I understand this correctly.

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