From Germany
I had this info this morning, but I wasn't given a link or a store name to backup any of the info.

Koch Foto has the lens listed as discontinued.…..

The info comes from a German forum

The poster was told by Canon Germany that production of the lens had stopped.

Thanks Wolfram


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  1. 500/5.6 L IS…. don’t care if its a zoom or a prime as long as its razor sharp at 500…. 600/5.6 would be even better but that would be getting to expensive… I think they can do a top notch 500/5.6 L IS for around 2k

  2. My popcorn’s almost all gone; looks like I’ll have to get some more.

    The thing I find somewhat amusing about this is that rumors about a replacement for this lens have been flying around for years. What reason does Canon have now that they didn’t earlier to replace it? Maybe Canon’s just not replaced it yet so that they can get all the speculating and ridiculous(ly amusing) commentary they can out of it.

    On a different note though, that same sort of behavior on Canon’s part also sort of bothers me. Admittedly, I’ve found some of Nikon’s recent products to be quite tempting. The only reason I haven’t migrated over to the dark side though (all their lenses are black) is because I have been threatened with death from several befriended photographers who also use Canon gear.

    …and to think that I’ve been dreaming of one day owning a Canon EF 70-300mm lens for three years now. Oh what fun it is to be an amateur railway photographer of fairly meager means in a cave (no, Osama bin Ladin isn’t my neighbor).

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