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EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS Done?

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From Germany
I had this info this morning, but I wasn’t given a link or a store name to backup any of the info.

Koch Foto has the lens listed as discontinued.…..

The info comes from a German forum

The poster was told by Canon Germany that production of the lens had stopped.

Thanks Wolfram


147 responses to “EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS Done?”

  1. “4 stops are 4 stops, independent of focal length, at least in terms of displacement”.

    Not sure if you are correct, if a physically longer lens needs to be corrected for vibration the correcting optical elements (depending on their placement in the lens) have to shift more to correct for the vibration. I’m sure there is some latitude built into the system but it does not extend into infinity.

    “Or just think of the 70-200/4IS, in conjunction with a TC2 you’ll get a 400mm with 4stop-IS! :)”

    I only have 1.4x extender that I rarely use with my 70-200 2.8 but I really doubt you would get four stop-IS with your set up. Such system would be physically longer with the additional length of the TC and that surely would have to be taken into account when correcting for IS. As I said I have no personal experiences with such set up but I don’t think it would work as well as you think so.

  2. “have to shift more to correct for the vibration”
    Only if you want to archive the same time for different focal lengths. But thats already factored in via the “focallength=1/shutterspeed”- rule of thumb.

    Things only get different at very long shutter speeds because other types of shake take their toll, and you’d need hybrid IS and a rotatable sensor to compensate.

    “As I said I have no personal experiences with such set up”
    I have. :)
    I’m quite comfortable with using a stop shorter exposure with the TC2 added, getting the same benefit from IS, regardless of using the lens as a 300/2,8 or 600/5,6, or the Nikkor 70-200/2,8 either native or as a 100-400IS-substitute.

  3. That focal range is/was available for quite some time, but it only got more or less popular with cropped sensors where it works like a tele to supertele.
    If it takes the TCs without quality loss it would be a sensible choice, but I’m afraid they learned from the past.

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