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I've been sent info about an updated EF 135 f/2L. The source says we can expect it to get IS. It'll either be f/2 or f/1.8. Both prototypes exist.

CR1 for now.

This is the first I've heard of such an update.

60D Image
There's a 60D image making its way around the web. I haven't posted it because it looks exactly like 50D pictures that are out there.

It's extremely rare to see Canon promotional photos before a camera is released.


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  1. I think it makes sense to make a beastly 135mm 1.8 IS. It’ll create two very different versions of the 135L which will cater to two different users. I’d be happy with a little extra weight if it was equally as stellar at 1.8 as the current 135L is at 2.0.

  2. Yeah, I’ll take 1.8 *if* they don’t have to increase the size much. It’s a given this lens would be more expensive, especially if IS is added, but PLEASE, Canon, we don’t need another portrait-length shot put like the 85mm 1.2.

    Canon should squeeze out the extra 1/3 stop if it actually makes the lens better, but not just so they have bragging rights for a slightly faster lens than the competition.

    I’m not sure Nikon is really even competing in this focal length. Their 135 2.0 is a “DC” special-purpose lens

  3. I think Canon are more concearned about the rise of Sony than the current Nikon spread. The Nikkor 135 2.0 DC is a big, old weighty beast. Where as the Canon and Sony variants are very sweet and neat.

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