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I've been sent info about an updated EF 135 f/2L. The source says we can expect it to get IS. It'll either be f/2 or f/1.8. Both prototypes exist.

CR1 for now.

This is the first I've heard of such an update.

60D Image
There's a 60D image making its way around the web. I haven't posted it because it looks exactly like 50D pictures that are out there.

It's extremely rare to see Canon promotional photos before a camera is released.


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  1. Actually, the 77mm max fron filter thread can yeild a 100mm f1.4, which is food for thought. It’s a lens that’s i’d certainly buy. It would be great to adopt a 24L/50L/100L line up.

  2. Sure, it’s not an identical unit, but Canon still claim that both are worth 4 stops. My point is that Canon charge a premium for IS that is proportional to the price of the lens, not proportional to the cost of the IS mechanism. Sticking a 2-stop mechanism in a lens would probably cost about the same as sticking in a 4-stop mechanism. Canon would not make this decision based on the cost to produce the lens, rather on the price they could charge for it and how it would fit into their line-up.

    What would be much better would be in-body IS, as that works well for shorter focal lengths and would be sufficient for what most people want. At the longer focal lengths, Canon already stick IS in many lenses and there it probably is more effective than in-body IS.

    I don’t think they’ll add IS to the shorter primes, but they will add in-body IS some time in the future (certainly, if Nikon jump first). In the meantime, they’ll clean out their lens line-up, so that all the longer focal lengths have IS and when in-body IS arrives customers won’t have the option to buy a cheap non-IS alternative and kill the sales of the IS lenses.

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