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EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS Confirmation?

News from Polska
I have received the following emails in regards to a post about the 24-70 f/2.8L IS.

Email 1

I’ve been visiting your page for couple of months. As soon as I found your post about Canon 5d markII with 24-70IS I wrote an email to that store that listed this kit on their website. Today I got an answer. It says, that they were suprised too when Canon gave them price list, but later Canon confirmed this item! At the begining, this lens will be sold as a kit with 5dmkII. This store isn’t new on polish market (they’ve been selling over internet since 2002, the company exist since 1997 – as written on their website, I’ve seen couple of their offers during last couple of years but never bought anything from them), maybe they really know something…

Email 2

Yesterday You wrote about new 5D mkII kit with 24-70 f/2.8 IS which appeared in polish shop I’m an publisher of [EDIT For Privacy] – one of the biggest polish website with lens and camera reviews. Every saturday we publish an article with some rumors from last week. Now I’m preparing such an article and find interesting to write about 24-70 IS. So, few minutes ago I spoke with the owner of (he is our business partner). He confirmed this is not a typo. 5D mkII + 24-70 IS kit is listed on the official Canon price list. He even spoke with Canon representative to be shure that this was not a typo. Canon confirmed that 24-70 IS will be available soon. That’s all I know, and I hope you will find it interesting

I’m not sure what to make of this type of thing, I’ll keep digging and posting about it.


58 responses to “EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS Confirmation?”

  1. in body IS…. just as Canon is adding IS to this lens (supposedly) and is rumored to be upgrading the big white lenses in the next year or so…. no way… admittedly that would be nice… i’d get a new body and all lenses become “IS” but its just not going to happen with the premiums that canon charges for its IS lenses…. they’d be killing their whole marketing strategy… Nikon just recently redid all of their big guns as well to include VR so I doubt that they would now negate that by putting IS into the body (you’d be able to get VR then will old Nikkor MF lenses! )… these companies want to sell us product… and charging extra for each IS lens sure beats charging once for an IS body (unless they somehow make the inbody only 1-2 stops and then make the lens IS addative.. sounds way too good to be true though)

  2. besides that…I even doubt if the so called updated version will have IS; anyone noticed all those debates of whether to go with the 24-70 or 24-105? some choose the 2.8 over IS, but what if the new 24-70 have both? the only reason for picking up the 24-105 would be due the weight and focal lenght by then…and because the 24-105 is the primary kit lens for now, will it become ‘absolete’ or something?

    no idea..but I’m still not sure if the upcoming update will be that remarkable.

  3. not a bad idea though…canon really want to keep its position in the professional the lower end markets are many (new) competitors already.

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