50f14 - EF 50 f/1.4 II USM [CR2]

A much needed upgrade is coming
A good source piped up today and said a new EF 50mm f/1.4 USM exists and is being tested. Release date is unknown.


  • Optical upgrade, but it's not “L”
  • Build upgrade. The current 50 f/1.4 from Canon is one of the most unreliable in the lineup.
  • New USM

Along with the above, expect a nice price increase as well. Most likely above its Sigma counterpart.


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  1. I think he was just being silly. The fact is it breaks very easily, even if never dropped. Everyone I know who has had the lens has had it break within three years! My first copy had sticky clutch out of the box and my next copies all went bad in 2-3 years. The lens has the worst build ever to the point they could almost be in danger of class action. The clutch-USM design is horrible. This is the only lens that has ever had such a design.

    The Mechanism is hideously imprecise for an f/1.4 lens as well. Even after calibration it still needs a differet MFA at different distances to subject, as well.

  2. and for the record i’ve never spoken with anyone in person who has had the AF fail on any other lens ever even lenses 15-20 years old. And yet every person I’ve spoken to in person who has ever had the 50 1.4 has had the AF break!!!! It’s a scam design!!!

  3. “Don’t rise your hopes too high, if Canon makes the 50mm f/1.4 any better than it is now they’ll kill their 50 f/1.2L I don’t expect this upgrade before they upgrade 50 f/1.2L and make it sharp wide open (like the 85mm f/1.2L Mk2) and eliminate the focus shift. Then a new f/1.4 will make sense.”

    I tend to agree. Canon is in a difficult spot because the 1.2L is not that great. I think they would be best off doing both at the same time.

    The other alternative is to make the 1.4 an excellent lens, just below L glass, but then double the price. I’m not keen on that either.

  4. I just bought the 50 1.4 TWO weeks ago (used, mint). It is my very favourite lens, it is a “sharp” copy, but when I pixel-peep, I get more depressed.

    The Micro USM very similar to 1.8 II AF except quiet. Really often it slightly back-focuses on my 450D. Dang! I use slow Live View when I can’t have that. The chromatic aberration (purply) <f/2.8 and softness <f/2.0 is true. But the AF is terrible. So I Definitely wish for a better lens!

    I almost wanted to switch cameras to use Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm F1.4G which has much better AF results, but worse bokeh.

    I just want to know from cr folks: should I re-sell mine immediately before the 1.4 II pressrelease and 1.4 pricedrops, or the price won't drop?

  5. Have been using this lens for about 6 months and already have problems with the manual focus ring, before had f/1.8 – no complaints, yeah it’s cheap built, but it was working!
    Hope there would be a new one coming… Better built-quality is needed…

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