Nifty Fifty Gets Some Love
DPR has completed their review of the 50 f/1.8 II. Generally glowing review for a sub $100 lens.

I owned one of these for a little while a few years ago. It was really an experiment for myself to see if I liked prime lenses. Turns out it started me on the road to becoming a “prime snob”. I think everyone that is getting into photography should own this lens. I think it can improve technique and creativity. The added workout of “manual zoom” is also a bonus.

Review from DPR


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  1. Love this little fella, one of my fave lens. I just accidently killed my first 50 BTW, I was using a non-Canon screw-in lens hood that was quite big and as I was putting the camera down the hood hit the table first ripping out the insides of my 50, that was a very gentle knock but it really shows how delicate those things are. I considered briefly buying 50 f1.4 but I think I’ll buy another nifty-fifty after all.

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