Exciting times!
Now that one of the most wanted updates is official, folks are hammering me when they can get one! The following is all I know at the moment.

– Pricing from Calumet in Germany is €2399
– Canon UK's site says available March, 2010
– I have no official pricing from anywhere yet.
– Pricing in Canada is TBA
– I can't find anyone taking preorders yet, that should change today.

A few have asked, this is not a lens I'll be buying. I'm a fast prime junky when working.


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  1. seems awefully expencive to me the ”old” is 920 euros cheaper you have a MP-E 65 for that money

  2. Hey Guys

    The canon 1D mk4 has been out in New Zealand before Christmas.The selling price is NZ$ 7775.00

  3. I have to agree. The current 70-200 2.8 IS lens is flat out amazing. I personally can’t justify the higher price. We’re getting into the realm of lenses being so good, there really isn’t any reason to get something “nicer”, because the lens won’t make any difference for almost all photographers.

  4. I strongly believe 70-200mm IS will be discountinued.

    So it will only left 70-200mm IS II and the one without IS.

    This is inline with the F4 version. Also the price is likely to be USD2199-2399.

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