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EF-M 55mm f/1.3 Coming in 2013? [CR1]

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Announcement on March 26, 2013?
I was recently told that a new 55mm f/1.3 lens would be announced on March 26, 2013. This is the first time I have ever seen an announcement date called this far off. Although, I tend to believe something is probably going to happen in March of 2013. I find it odd that Canon won’t be doing the announced firmware for the 5D Mark III until April 2013, I’m not sure if that’s tied to other new products coming.

As for the lens, it wasn’t specified if it was EF or EF-M mount, I have just assumed it would be EF-M. For arguments sake, that would give an approximate field of view of 90mm f/1.3. A nice portrait lens for the new system.


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