Lots of talk lately
There has been a lot of talk on forums lately about Canon updating their non-L primes and adding EF-S primes. I pressed a few people about the likelihood of either in the near future, and everyone came back and said it's not going to happen. The only non-L prime that might get an upgrade is the 50 f/1.4.

There are no plans by Canon for EF-S primes (other than the 60 macro). If you want one, you can get an EF prime.

One source said there was an EF-S 30 f/1.8 planned, but that has turned out to be false. The next primes on Canon's list for a refresh is the 35L and 135L. The 200 f/2.8 could also be considered for an upgrade.


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  1. Why update the already excellent 35L when there is STILL no really decent 28mm? The logic defeats me :o(

  2. The 200mm f/2.8 being upgraded right after the 200mm f/2 ????

    That does not sound very likely.

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