Not the greatest thing to hear
An email I received has told me not to expect a new 1D camera until the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2010. The latest fixes for the 1D series cameras is to help the pros and make a few extra sales for the Olympics.

The email goes on to explain the financial state of newspapers and news agencies around the globe. There isn't going to be a lot of extra cash around to buy new cameras over the next while.

It's sobering read to say the least and I can see the logic in it. Enthusiasts don't drive the sales of 1D series cameras, a newspaper buying 20-30 of them at one times does.


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  1. I’ve been holding out on a new 1D series body ever since the Mark III focus disaster. Still shooting with an EOS-1D Mark IIn while the competition shoots next to me with Nikon D3 camera bodies. This is very frustrating as I an a loyal Canon customer. I hope this mid/late 2010 rumor is not true as I need a new, reliable pro camera soon and don’t want to switch back to Nikon. Been there done that.

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