Not the greatest thing to hear
An email I received has told me not to expect a new 1D camera until the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2010. The latest fixes for the 1D series cameras is to help the pros and make a few extra sales for the Olympics.

The email goes on to explain the financial state of newspapers and news agencies around the globe. There isn't going to be a lot of extra cash around to buy new cameras over the next while.

It's sobering read to say the least and I can see the logic in it. Enthusiasts don't drive the sales of 1D series cameras, a newspaper buying 20-30 of them at one times does.


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  1. Dan Williams on

    Canon should know their market is….current owners. Canon

    please continue comprehensive and detailed service protocols until any focus problems and all design and firmware short comings are fixed.I can’t see a 1D Mark IV as a way out of design and function problems without alot of unhappy owners of the 1D Mark III,corporate or otherwise.Have they ever fielded such a dilemma in such an economic stage as we are in ……service will decide…that is a”now reality”.Anyone who would buy a Mark IV before a resolution on the Mark III… is asking for problems.

  2. I’ve been holding out on a new 1D series body ever since the Mark III focus disaster. Still shooting with an EOS-1D Mark IIn while the competition shoots next to me with Nikon D3 camera bodies. This is very frustrating as I an a loyal Canon customer. I hope this mid/late 2010 rumor is not true as I need a new, reliable pro camera soon and don’t want to switch back to Nikon. Been there done that.

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