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EOS-1D Mark IV in 2010? [CR2]

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Not the greatest thing to hear
An email I received has told me not to expect a new 1D camera until the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2010. The latest fixes for the 1D series cameras is to help the pros and make a few extra sales for the Olympics.

The email goes on to explain the financial state of newspapers and news agencies around the globe. There isn’t going to be a lot of extra cash around to buy new cameras over the next while.

It’s sobering read to say the least and I can see the logic in it. Enthusiasts don’t drive the sales of 1D series cameras, a newspaper buying 20-30 of them at one times does.


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  1. All the more Canon should start looking at new market segments! These big names are using obseleted business models in new economies with twitters and such. It like to recording industries grappeling with P2P distrubitions.

  2. Yeah, but would a lot of newspapers/newswires start upgrading their cameras and/or lenses just because of the World Cup? I’d say that the 1D3 and the Nikon D3 with their current line-up of lenses respectively are perfectly capable of producing good photos.

    And how many enthusiasts are going to buy 1D-series cameras just for the World Cup anyway? I could see some xxD sales to them though.

  3. C’mon Canon just admit it.

    You totally screwed up with the 1D mark III’s and still have not fixed the focusing issues after all this time – and not just AI, the one shot is screwed as well (as the latest Canon FIX IT press release shows). This news only proves that you still don’t know how to fix the problems and won’t release anything until you do.

    Still selling an inherently faulty camera is a total disgrace.

    So many of my pro friends have said that the mark III are pieces of crap (I am using a far lighter word than they used) and have gone to 5D mark II’s in order to actually achieve focus. Some are major editorial shooters and they have to go to a pro-sumer model to achieve decent, consistently and most importantly predictable focus (as oppose to the random nature of mark III focusing).

    Well In my world, so many have gone to D3’s it is not funny. I will stick with my soft focusing mark III’s – Canon have dropped the ball, lost a huge amount of goodwill.

    I would be too scared to get the mark IV as I have not idea what problem it will probably come with. Purchase it, then spend 12 months trying to get it to work.

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