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The EOS 1D X Sensor Demystified…

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What’s in a sensor?
[ISW] has given a nice and concise breakdown of the technology inside the new full frame sensor for the EOS 1D X. Below is a direct quote of the breakdown.

  • New photodiode construction has resulted in an improved photoelectric conversion rate that gives increased light sensitivity.
  • Improved transistors inside the pixels are said to make SNR higher
  • The first time that gapless microlenses have been employed on a Canon full-frame sensor.
  • 14fps speed is achieved by a 16-channel analog output with two-vertical-pixel simultaneous readout. The 16 outputs are muxed in 4 ADCs siting on a separate image processor chip Digic 5+. It is around 1.4 times faster than the previous generation EOS-1D Mark IV and said to be a first for a 35mm full-frame digital sensor. At ISO 32,000 or higher the frame rate is reduced to 10fps.

Source Image Sensor World


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