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EOS 3D [CR0] – DXO – Other Things

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EOS 3D Back in the saddle
From [POTN] via [NL]

The new camera will have a “radical new AF system” that I do not have any information about.

I am unsure about the information I got… either it will be just 2.0 crop or 2.0 and 1.? crop.
Soon to follow will be F2.0 IS zoom lenses. I believe this is why the reason for the 2.0 crop mode.

Of course super high ISO and the fastest FPS seen in a DSLR camera yet. Sounds like this will be for sports users for sure. I am guessing that most cameras will have GPS and Wifi by then so you can expect that too.

Oh yeah, no CF card slot. SD or maybe a new card format? There is talk about built in memory too.

Please remember, this IS a rumors site! I brought the ranking system about so I could report everything without much confusion as to whether or not it was legit.
I have no idea how long it has been around, or if anyone has heard of it before. Today was the first for me. It seems like a decently reasonable idea.

I’m glad to know I didn’t steal my camera from anyone.

DXO Site
A few comments about the DXO sensor rankings site from a few of you. I’m not really a fan of it. I’ve seen completely different results with my own eyes.

Switzerland Pricing
Yes, I figured it was just a miscue by the site I mentioned.


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