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EOS 5D Mark III, EOS-1D X, EOS-1D C Firmware Info [CR1]

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Firmware coming soon
Lots of questions about the firmware updates Canon announced a while back. A non official source has updated us on the progress of the software updates for the following 3 cameras.

Firmware 1.2.0 (may be 1.2.1 when released) will be on our CF cards by the end of April. Canon USA also confirmed this for me.

There is no reported delay on the firmware update for the EOS-1D X. It will arrive in May as previously announced.

Another announcement may be coming at the end of April letting us know when we can expect the 25p at 4K update. One of the challenges is encrypting the firmware to combat hacking or reverse engineering of the software inside the camera.

As for the 120fps/720p mode that leaked in a photo a few weeks ago, that feature won’t appear in the final version of the firmware update due to “stability concerns”.

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