As suspected, this one is busted! I had to post the info or my mailbox would have been jammed up with links to this. I really wanted to resist it, I had hoped another site would post it and have it quashed there. No luck!

CR reader KKL did the smart thing (why didn't I think of it?), he downloaded the file and checked the setup.ini.


D60 it is.

I've been sent this link about 50 times in the last 24 hours or so. The “60D” appears on Canon Taiwan's site.

This is the only info I have on a 60D coming, for now I'll just call it a typo, we'll see if its still there on Monday.

See here: http://www.canon.com.tw/…

Check the drop down menu.

thanks to everyone


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  1. D60 it is
    emailed Canon TW, (in Chinese of course),
    this is the old school EOS D60 (like D30),
    they decided to keep it up there since there still are (stubborn) ones who still have D60 around and rather than having them bug Canon for softwares etc, they can still download stuff from the site.

  2. The link is for a D60,the discontinued SLR. Not a typo, not an announcement for the 60D. False alarm, I’m afraid.

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