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EOS 70D, DIGIC 6 & 18mp Sensors

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Where is the 70D?
We’re told today that the 70D has been pushed into April, we had hoped that an announcement would be coming next week.

DIGIC 6 will be introduced tonight in the SX280 HS as reported a few days ago. We’re told we can expect DIGIC 6 to make its first appearance in an EOS camera inside the EOS 70D.

18mp Sensors
Keep an eye on the SL1, as it has a brand new 18mp sensor on the inside. As present, we can’t confirm that it’s also in the T5i, though it would make sense. We’re told that the 70D will have the same sensor. This is from a new source.

Nothing on the lens front, though we expect to see one announced with the EOS 70D.

The EF 00-400 f/4L IS 1.4x is becoming a running joke with folks at Canon, I don’t think any one really knows why it hasn’t been officially announced yet.


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