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EOS 7D Trouble – Official Word from Canon Japan

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EMail Translation
This issue pertains to burst mode.

It is said that a part of an image, shot prior to the one after may appear as an afterimage (like it has been burned in) on the following shot. It is most unlikely that you will notice this effect in a normal jpeg but it is said that it may become apparent when you adjust the exposure, contrast, etc in post.

Google Translation:

There should be word from Canon USA soon.

thanks Clark

Out of the office today
I won’t be around today, I’m off to have some fun with some mates. Some little band named Metallica has rolled into town and invited CR Guy to come see them(for a large fee).

I obliged.


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  1. Is it possible to lower the CMOS sensor voltage to 0.425V, and double its frequency?

    Is it possible to double the sampling rate of the AF system and also lower its voltage?

  2. Not entirely what I had been looking for nonetheless it was some good reading anyway, guess its a ok that I wasn’t capable of doing a search properly or I wouldn’t ended up here.

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