Just had another source saying there will be no 500D as originally planned at PMA. I still don't have any [CR4] level information on this topic.

A good source says to still expect 2 lens announcements at PMA. Nothing definite on which lenses. Actual launch of new lenses could still be a few months off.

The only flash I think is realistic for PMA would be the 300 EX style flash.


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  1. I have a Zeiss lens 45mm f/2.8 for my old Contax what is very tiny (90g). Why canon has not such a small lens at EF-Series or EF-S ? With such a lens you can carry the camera all the time with you.

  2. I’m expecting an 24-80 f2.0 IS(4f stop) and a new 80-250f2.8 IS(4f stop):D

    …just a dream…

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