Imaging Resource received information from Canon USA after the story went to press stating the following:

“We received an update after we went to press that Canon USA does not have plans to sell the EOS M2 at this time. We'll let you guys know if this changes!”

Original Story
Imaging Resource did an interview with Canon executive Mr. Go Tokura and they touched on the EOS M2 and its availability worldwide.

When asked if the EOS M2 would come to the USA, Mr Tokura stated “There are plans for the M2 to arrive in the U.S.”. We're assuming this also means there are plans to bring it to Europe.

Canon also plans to release more lenses for the EOS M system, as Mr Tokura says “I can assure you that we do have plans to roll out some lenses in the future. As far as speaking concretely about a roadmap, I'm afraid that based on our company policy, we can't make any concrete statements about that.”

We'd be told previously that the original EOS M's very high stock levels at North American and European retailers played a big roll in the M2 not coming to these markets. Once those stocks are depleted, I imagine we'll see the arrival of the M2, or possibly an M3.

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