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ETTL-3? [CR2.5]

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New Flash?
I received some information that Canon is working on a higher end flash unit. It will replace the 580II. It will have a new metering system… ETTL3?

The flash will have a much higher guide number than the 580 II.

I'll keep pressing for more information.

3 responses to “ETTL-3? [CR2.5]”

  1. I hope Canon comes up with a better wireless flash system. They can incorporate the technology of Radio Poppers into the ST-E2 and related flashes.

  2. Hi
    any news on that?
    I noticed that quite a few photographers seem to sell their 580II without obvious reason?!
    I am about to get a qflash from quantum but would also be interested in something new from canon

  3. Yes, when is Canon going to improve their wireless capabilities?? Wireless strobes are all the rage ( and Nikon is excelling in this area. Give me a 40D MkII with the pop up having the ability to be the MASTER for my Speedlites and they will have a great system.

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