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F & E Trading, LLC Responds to Canon USA Suit

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Photography Bay has continued their coverage of the legal battles between Canon USA and gray market retailers. This time, F & E Trading, LLC (who is allegedly BigValueInc & Electronics Valley) has responded to Canon USA’s allegations.

From: F & E Trading, LLC:

The Complaint defines “F&E” to encompass both F&E NY and F&E New Jersey. F&E NY’s Answer is only with respect to F&E NY. F&E NY denies knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of any allegations as to F&E New Jersey or Albert Houllou.

Photography Bay summarizes:

So, Canon may have missed the mark on serving the wrong company or, perhaps, it just has not been able to serve the right company and Albert Houllou yet, who was a key target it Canon’s Amended complaint.

You can read more over at Photography Bay.

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