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February 9, 2010 Announcements [CR2]

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What’s coming?
I’m told we’ll be seeing a slew of PowerShot cameras announced. Including high end ELPH/IXUS models.

We will see 1 or 2 SLR’s announced alongside the  point & shoots.

There will be at least 1 Rebel announced. The possible 2nd SLR “sounds like a 60D”.

From this source it’s unknown at the moment.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.


133 responses to “February 9, 2010 Announcements [CR2]”

  1. Eric. Thanks. It’s funny you should suggest talking to my resource that owns the 5dmk2 however that is his first dslr and has had it for months and only has 80 photos on it. I just got back from Disney and had 600 photos. Ok maybe I took a little too many but I never want to miss that special photo. Can you tell me the 2 biggest difference between the 7d and rebel? I’m just learning some of the language and trying to read and learn the proper terms. I’m really looking for the crisp photo that looks so real. I also do a lot of action shots of kids and what is it in the camera that allows me to take those quick photos and still turn out clear? I have a lot to learn so any advise is great. Maybe someone knows of a good site to learn some of that beginner stuff. I know once I get my camera I plan to take some classes.

  2. …this “comment page” is not really the right forum for this long of a response but I had the 15min to type the response and this is where you asked the question so…

    Any recent SLR will be capable of giving you crisp real looking photos. For your use, the biggest advantages a more expensive camera might give you over a cheaper one are the ability to have clearer images in lower light and/or better autofocus ability.

    The high ISO (low light) difference between the T1i and the 7D is very small. Many including myself hope Canon will announce a new Rebel or 60D in the near future that is better in this department but who knows. If you are always shooting outside under good daylight, or your kids are very good at holding still this doesnt matter anyway. Faster lenses (lower F stop) and/or using an external flash (you should consider one) help here but will behave the same regardless of camera.

    Better autofocus is a place where the 7D should help some as it has a newly designed autofocus system and may be the biggest single advantage of the 7D for you. I still dont think it is enough of a difference to justify the extra size/cost of the 7D but I havent actually used a 7D either.

    In addition to the updated autofocus the 7D has many “pro” type features that it sounds like you dont need (8 frames/sec, flash master, weather sealing, shutter durability, 18MP). None of these are bad things but they make the camera rather large and heavy in addition to being fairly expensive.

    The best page I know of for detailed canon equipment reviews is the-digital-picture you should look there before you buy.

    I have only read ~8 photography books but my favorite so far is The Photographers Eye.

    My question for you is how did you manage to take 600 pictures on your trip with kids to keep track of? Perhaps your children are older/slower than mine.

  3. “7. If you whish for a 60D now you will basically get:
    – 15.1 MP CMOS sensor
    – No or only minor improvements on ISO performance
    – 9 Point AF
    – 1020P 30fps video (no manual functions)
    – 720P video (no manual functions)

    Is this what the consumer wants?”

    Yes – I want a 50d with video. Actually 12mp is fine

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