What can we expect in early 2013?
I'm told we'll be seeing two seperate announcements in back to back months in 2013. We'll see announcements in February and March, one of the announcements will be a “major” event. Sometimes the word “major” is used incorrectly.

Apparently, one of the announcements will be to introduce a second EOS-M body. The body will be slightly bigger, and have a viewfinder. They will also introduce at least two new lenses with the body. I'd expect a telephoto zoom and a fast prime.

EOS 7D Mark II
One of these announcement dates will also be for the EOS 7D replacement. No word on specs, but it's suggested the camera/segment will get a new naming scheme.

Big Megapixel
The 40+ mp camera gets another mention and we should expect an announcement in Q1 of 2013. The camera will be physically bigger than the 5D Mark III, but will be smaller than the EOS-1D X. It's noted that the sensor is currently in EOS-1D X styled bodies.


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