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Filtering Protruding Front Element Lenses

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I am told that there is a high end filter company working on a solution to the issue of filtering protruding front elements on select lenses. The 2 lenses in most need of filters are Nikon’s 14-24 and Canon’s 17mm TS-E. The solution should be available sometime in 2010.

It sounds easy enough to do, but the issue is flare, cost and most importantly; ease of use.

The source couldn’t say which company at the moment, but it’s coming soon.


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  1. Yes, I was wondering why Lee wasn’t being considered. There are other filter makers also. So I’m not exactly sure what the beef is here.

  2. Using a filter on the rear of a wide lens can easily put the collimation out and your images will be soft because of the shallow depth of focus on a wide lens.

    I don’t know why stills guys make such a big deal of this, you just use a matte box or a filter holder that clamps on to the outside of the front of the lens.

    You just have a different step-down ring for every diameter lens that you want to use.

    Otherwise you can use a rod system to mount the matte box.

    If the filter vignettes then you just use a bigger one.

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