One of our favourite software options out there Luminar Neo is on sale for the July 4 week. If you're not into spending a ton of time editing photos, be sure to check out Skylum Software's Luminar NEO.

Use the coupon code CANONRUMORS during checkout to save an additional $10/€10.

About the Luminar Neo Flash Sale

Looking to take your photos to the next level this summer? Unlock all the extra benefits of AI-powered photo editor Luminar Neo's Ultimate Plan subscription. 

On top of the AI tools and convenient interface, enjoy access to 600+ creative add-ons, pro-level Extensions like Noiseless AI and Supersharp AI, and educational materials to create breathtaking images effortlessly.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Luminar Neo Ultimate Plan by subscribing now for just $29.00. Plus, get a gift — two collections of Presets for magnificent travel photos.

This offer also includes the American Dreams and Freedom Ride preset packages for free, each of these retail for $19.

During the year, you can take advantage of other promotions to lower the subscription costs moving forward.

Skylum Luminar Neo 1-year subscription $29/€29 + 2 preset packs (Reg $119 + $19 + $19)

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  1. Luminar Neo is a scam!

    Their advertising is not the real experience I encountered using the software day by day.
    I bought Luminar IA and Neo and I'm really disappointed!

    The software does not take advantage of the GPU of my macbook and is 5x to 20x slover than Adobe Lr.
    Loading the photos take forever, applying presets takes forever, working with masks is a real pain.

    The support is not really supporting you but just suggested nonsense recommendations...

    Very disappointed! And instead of solving their massiv performance issues they just bring out new unmature products with the same problems.

    I know I'm not the only one. Their forum is full of complains with similar issues as I experienced.
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