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    35 L vs. 35 L II

    I've had both lenses and would base it on what you plan to photograph. If you need technically perfect pixel peeping sharpness then go with the 35ii. I use it for landscape and it is probably sharpest lens I have right to edges. I had no issues with focus on 5dsr. I now use it on A7r3 and it...
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    Sigma 14 1.8 or 14-24 2.8 for astro landscapes?

    Nice images thanks - also the coma test of the 14 1.8 on your flickr page is really handy. Researching the lenses I found these full frame comparisons of the 14 1.8 and 14-24 2.8 which others looking at these two lenses may find useful (found on facebook post below)...
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    Sigma 14 1.8 or 14-24 2.8 for astro landscapes?

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. The idea of going to one lens does actually appeal quite a bit! However I'm not personally convinced on the Canon 16-35 iii as it seems to have far too much vignetting for astro which will result in either stopping down or noise/quality loss in corners...
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    Sigma 14 1.8 or 14-24 2.8 for astro landscapes?

    Hi - I'm looking to get into astro landscapes and am considering the Sigma 14 1.8 or the Sigma 14-24 2.8. I expect most images to be towards the wide end but extra flexibility of the zoom sounds good. I do a lot of landscapes and already have the Canon 11-24, 17 + 24 tse's + 35 1.4ii. Has anyone...
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    35 L vs. 35 L II

    I've had all the main 35mm lenses. The original 35 f/2 many years ago, which created beautiful family snaps despite the noisy af. The original 35L is superb. I thought it was a big lens at the time but lenses seem to be getting bigger, it's a nice size and image quality and af were always great...
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    400 5.6 + 70-300 vs. 100-400II?

    I've had the 70-300L and upgraded to the 100-400ii last year. The image quality of the 100-400ii is exceptional. The 70-300L image quality is very good but absolutely lags behind in image quality the 100-400ii on my 5dsr. However I have found myself wishing I still had the 70-300L on multiple...
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    Canon Inc. Boss Wants to See More Innovation

    Too late, just jumped ship and got an A7Riii. Sticking with Canon glass as the AF is excellent on the Sony so may return eventually depending on what they come up with.
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    Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art not identified in Adobe Camera Raw

    When I first got the lens back in September I had the same issue. However if I selected Sigma from the manufacturer drop down then it automatically selected the 20 1.4 art. I just tried again and it all selected automatically now so Adobe must have fixed it in an update. I'd suggest making sure...
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    Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art (Bad Copy?) vs Canon 35 2 is

    After testing two copies of the Sigma Art it was clear the used lens was very soft from mid frame compared to the new one and the corners were nowhere near as good. I'm aware there have been many reports of auto focus issues with this lens. After a very quick and rough calibration I got the...
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    Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art (Bad Copy?) vs Canon 35 2 is

    Thanks all - I've ordered a new copy of the 35 Art which should arrive tomorrow so will see if that is any better. I suspect it will be as the lack of mid frame and edge sharpness just seems wrong to me. If it's no better I think I'll stick with the Canon for now. Not sure I can justify the...
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    Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art (Bad Copy?) vs Canon 35 2 is

    I was purely manually focusing on a tripod. Camera is a 5dsr. Auto focus seems ok on the 35 art as far as I can tell from very limited testing. I have the dock but not used it as so far not needed to adjust either lens.
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    Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art (Bad Copy?) vs Canon 35 2 is

    Hi I was looking to replace my Canon 35mm f/2 IS with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art (mostly for better bokeh) after buying and being wowed by my new 20mm 1.4 Art which is amazing. I've picked up a used copy of the 35 Art which is in pretty much mint condition. However when testing it against the Canon...
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    Lee Filters Announces EF 11-24mm f/4L Support

    If only they'd bring out an SW150 adaptor for the TSE-17 so that you could use filters and do full shift stitching.
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    6D autofocus capabilites: let's bust some myths about it

    Having read through this and other threads about the 6Ds AF performance I'm still not sure what conclusions to draw, especially regarding accuracy with wide apertures. Is the 6D's center AF point capable of accurately and reliably focusing the Canon 50 1.2, 35 1.4 and 85 1.2 - all at their...
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    1ds3 autofocus inconsistenies

    Many thanks for the replies. I shall re-calibrate with the 50x lens focal length. I have done this for the 50 1.2 L already and have attached the results - a series of pics focusing on the same part of the chart with the most common AF points I use. The lens was calibrated to the center point...