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    Translucent umbrella for wildflower macros

    I use a few of the small pocketboxes from Westcott that velcro with a strap to the head of flashes. Definitely work will for diffusing light and if you want more you can use the diffusion cap on the flash in addition to the box.
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    600EX-RT as Macro Lights

    Wimberley has a new AP-7 Cold Shoe that will fit the end of the F-2 Brackets. I haven't seen a better cold shoe out there. Just about anything will fit to the cold shoe. It solves many issues with the current cold shoes that are on the market.
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    Cold Shoe for 600EX-RT?

    You should definitely check out the new AP-7 Cold Shoe from Wimberley. It is the best that i have seen out there. It will work with anything. They really thought out the cold shoe when they made this one. It solves all the issues with conventional cold shoes.