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    Another mention of a 70+ megapixel EOS R camera

    I would add a 4th and that is needing a higher shutter speed to freeze action/get a sharp image, which requires more light, a faster lens or higher ISO. Coupled with #1 above, I’d consider that to be a big negative. An honorable mention might be that it is much more demanding of your lenses...
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    General purpose f/2.8 zoom for 80D?

    Ah, now the 24-105 is a lens I enjoyed very much on my T2i (and later 60D) when I had it. As I strictly used it outdoors, I could live with the wide end, and I particularly liked the extra reach I got on the 105mm end (and the stabilization). It was a true normal to telephoto lens, much like...
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    General purpose f/2.8 zoom for 80D?

    In your situation, assuming budget isn’t an issue I would go with the 17-55 hands down. While the Tamron 17-50 is OK for the money, my copy was a bit soft at 2.8 and as a result I found myself always stopping down while using it...that defeats the purpose of having a 2.8 lens in the first place...
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    RP going back, unopened

    Thanks for the perspective from a fellow 5D4 owner... I have not seen the RP in person but I have played with the original R. Still think the price is a little high for what it offers, but the RP seems more reasonably priced in comparison. I just wish there were enough smaller RF lenses - the...
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    The new RF-Lenses are to be seen at "The Photography Show"

    Thanks for sharing. Taking a look at that 24-70 IS - notice how it's zoomed to 70mm, but there's no extension of the this an internal zooming lens? I'm willing to bet the 70-200 is not one though. Actually, its design reminds me a lot of the EF 70-300L, a lens I like quite a bit...
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    Canon EOS RP body price confirmed at $1299 USD, and we’re very happy about it

    Nice, very aggressive move on their part. Good way to get the masses into RF. I just wonder what will happen to the price of the original R...whether there will be some downward can hope?
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    Mixed thoughts. No top LCD screen - but there *IS* a mode dial!
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    Canon to announce at least 6 new RF lenses next week

    I’d say it’s closer to a mirror-free 6D but with a 5D4 sensor...
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    Anyone will buy a DSLR now?

    Yes, if it suits my purposes.
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    Review: Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III USM

    He had this to say regarding handholding the lens: ...and knowing how modest he tends to be with his language, I will take this to mean it is still not a handholdable lens, at least not in the way the 300 is...
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    Canon to announce at least 6 new RF lenses next week

    Yeah, that’s almost certainly the case. Although admittedly it is hard to tell scale from that small blurry image... Hopefully it is lighter as well. ETA: it LOOKS like this lens has a setting for mode 3 IS, which was strangely omitted from the EF version III
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    Canon to announce at least 6 new RF lenses next week

    Wow, looks like they are cranking 'em out right off the bat. Their strength is lenses and they know for an equivalent body to be able to mount them to... FINALLY a 24-70 2.8 IS but of course it's RF mount. :( That 70-200 looks surprisingly compact, but I'm assuming that this is a...
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    EOS 5D Mk iv or EOS 6D Mk ii

    I don't have extensive experience with the 6D2 but I did have the original 6D for a couple of years which I used alongside a 5D3 before upgrading that 6D to a second 5D3 body. My takeaways: IQ-wise, I was hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two. The difference between 20 and 22MP...
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    5dmk4 two months in ...

    Yes, after initially being skeptical I made the switch (from 3 to 4) and the 4 is definitely a pleasure to use. A large majority of the usability gripes I had with the 5D3 were addressed in the 5D4. I agree with your points except for the one below: Interesting, as I found the 5D4 shutter...
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    IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera? [CR2]

    If true, too bad. Although that said, the current model is good enough most likely to get several more years out of... As for the 5DS vs. 5DSR discussion, I suspect that the filter in the regular 5DS is relatively weak, as I remember when I tried it out I was still impressed by the clarity and...