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    Canon EOS R “One YEAR Later” REVIEW…does it hold up?

    I like Jared's videos but he does sometimes wrongly imply that his observations apply to all photographers. Few, if any, of his criticisms of Canon gear affect landscape photographers, for instance.
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    Review: New Canon EOS R firmware

    Surely the most significant thing is that this is a development update, not just a bug fix. A real improvement in Canon's after sales service.
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    Canon EOS 90D promotional video appears to have leaked

    I am a wildlife photographer. I use both a 5D4 and 7D2 on my 500mm F4 mkii. I love the 7D2 but its noise performance and DR, particularly in poor light, is nowhere near as good as the 5D4. I really wanted an updated 7D2 with a sensor as good as the 5D4, however many pixels it had. Quality pixels...
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    Canon EOS 90D promotional video appears to have leaked

    No-one I know with a recent Canon crop DSLR wanted more pixels. They wanted BETTER pixels. I really hope the DR and high ISO performance is good on this new camera. I'm also guessing that only the very best top-end glass will resolve 32MP on a crop sensor.
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    Rumored Canon EOS M6 Mark II specifications [CR1]

    If, as we're all hoping, some of these specs are true it bodes very well for all of Canon's forthcoming releases. Their "pro-mirrorless" model could be amazing!
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    Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II equivalent mirrorless is coming sooner than originally thought [CR1]

    A significant proportion of 1DXii owners are wildlife photographers. I just hope that Canon's mirrorless long-lens focusing on distant small randomly-shaped subjects is up to it.
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    Rest well Canon EOS 7D series [CR2]

    Like many others, I feel betrayed by Canon over the 7D3. I remain to be convinced that DPAF actually works with long lenses and small subjects. My M50 struggles to focus consistently with my 500mm F4 L IS ii on small birds
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    "I need more pixels", said no 7D2 owner, ever!
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    When will Canon learn that it's not more pixels that everyone craves, but better dynamic range and lower noise. I would love an 18-20MP crop sensor with those characteristics. Much like the universally acclaimed Nikon D500.
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    Is the EOS 7D Mark II the last in the 7D series? We’re told that it is [CR1]

    That could be bad news for an awful lot of amateur wildlife shooters out there who have been putting up with the horrid sensor in the 7D2 in the hope of something better. I'm not yet convinced that mirrorless cameras can handle the focusing required using long lenses and tiny subjects. I know my...
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    M50 compared to 80D

    I have an M50 with the kit lens. It's not bad and very lightweight. I also have the efs 55-250 which I use with the ef adapter. It makes a superb combo, and weighs bugger all. I'm staying away from the efm lenses. They don't look good to me. There's also the speed booster which turns my 50 F1.8...
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    Canon EOS R firmware version 1.2.0 announced

    If that improves focusing with long lenses it could be just the news that nature photographers have been waiting for...
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    Canon RF 24mm f/1.2L & RF 85mm f/1.2L in the works [CR1]

    These are seriously pro lenses. It sounds like there will be another shower of lower-spec/price lenses when they start talking about APS-C cameras with the R mount. Or, they could even switch to only producing full-frame lenses, even for a crop sensor. Go Canon! This looks like it will be an...
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    Two Canon EOS R series bodies coming in 2019 [CR2]

    The M50 was supposed to be a lower spec than the M5, but in many ways it beats it. Things are moving so fast that the next FF "lower than EOS R" may, in fact be a better camera, at least in some respects. It's great to know that Canon is putting a lot of effort into product development now after...
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    New diffractive optics super telephoto lenses on the way, with a new twist….. [CR1]

    Canon has to remember that with mirrorless it is now competing not only with other manufacturers but also with its own DSLR products. I just hope that its loyal customers are not pushed into something inferior just to get rid of a mirror. The new stuff has to be better than the equivalent DSLR...