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    Sebastioa Salgado Documentary

    i have been a long time and deep admirer of sebastioa salgados work and i recently came across the documentary of his life and work called The Salt of the Earth. i cannot recommend enough this fantastic portrait of a phenomenally talented man telling a deeply moving story. check it out...
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    lightning in effect has a built in shutter speed much like a speedlight has. though it pulses, it is still a pretty short duration so considerations for exposure should be more about aperture and ISO. thats why i use 30 secs for lightning shots and i dial in the aperture and ISO to suit the...
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    Iso 320 F11 30 sec
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    Is it really that hard to autofocus on apertures larger than f/2.5?

    i have never been impressed with the 85mm 1.8 as i have found its autofocus characteristics to be unreliable and erratic. sometimes it hits...sometimes its way off even though i get AF confirmation. using a 5d3 with it. because of this it is my least used lens. cant speak to the new 50mm 1.8...
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    BOL Stolen Equip...

    i absolutely hate thieves. scumbags.... hope they get caught. this type of thing sickens me.
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    5DIII underexposing

    i'm pretty sure everyone knows that. what is being talked about is that the meter will read a normal exposure with the settings chosen and the files will still be underexposed. what would be great is a way to manually calibrate the meter so that a normal exposure reading would yield a preferably...
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    Visiting USA, need some advice pls.

    Assateague is a small little oddity. typically it is a half day trip for beachgoers who are interested in seeing the horses. it sounds neat, and it is a bit, but it lacks the wow factor imo. but maybe i'm saying that because i live in the area and it is a bit familiar to me. as far as the amish...
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    Advantages/disadvantages of Lightroom

    You actually can manually create and edit masks in LR.
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    In photography, the compliment color to red is Cyan, not green. So if you want to tone down reds you need to adjust the cyan slider for reds in LR.
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    Who's getting what/wish list

    17mm F4 TS 135 F2 8x10 camera with a 300mm 5.6 and a petzval portrait lens. :)
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    What you see is not what you get . . . not even close! (or was my old monitor pl

    To me it looks more like a resolution thing. I'm not sure how ACR operates but is it possible that it is using a preview that doesn't reflect the full resolution once opened in Photoshop? I see the extra crunchiness in the file in Photoshop vs the file in ACR. If your new monitor is capable of...
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    Visiting USA, need some advice pls.

    Just an fyi to those outside the U.S. who are interested in planning trips to national parks in the west....San Francisco is the ideal home base to maximize time getting to and having enough time to spend at these national parks. Add in the bonus of Sonoma and Napa valley which are a little over...
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    Visiting USA, need some advice pls.

    if you are going to be in NYC primarily forget about the west coast. way too much travel time to get over there and get to a National Park. you will burn 2 solid days traveling out of the 3 you have allotted. Adirondacks is your best bet. like most national parks, you could spend a week there...
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    Largest softbox size to use with 600 EX-RT?

    size and spread of the light source can be just as important as size of the modifier. the concern i would have over using too large of a modifier with the 600 EX is weather or not i would get a wide enough and even enough spread of that light to fully take advantage of the modifiers...
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    Looking to upgrade my gear!

    as a pro, my approach is to get the right tool that does the job reliably and spend the money once. if that means i pay a higher price to start so be it. what i dont want to run in to is spending alot of time problem solving or find that i got a piece that comes up short in a situation simply...