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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Recent garden visitor watching the small birds on my feeders.
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    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    Buzzard, taken at a falconry display. First real try at BIF, the only decent in flight shot I got, lots of nice static shots though.
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    My 6D MkII Photos - Wildlife! [UPDATE: ISO 12800 Songbird BIFs added]

    Don, great advise, love your pics, but Live in the UK, do not have a canoe, wish I did, there is thriving canoe club here in Chelmsford, Essex, but fear I am not up to it :) There are rivers and ponds nearby where I often have seen herons and egrets when walking my dog, as I said they are off...
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    My 6D MkII Photos - Wildlife! [UPDATE: ISO 12800 Songbird BIFs added]

    Re: My 6D MkII Photos - Wildlife! Nice Talys. how do you manage to get so close to the wildlife, I have been trying to get herons for some time, as soon as I get close they are off, I mean 300m away, maybe I have to be more stealthy. It is very nice that the 100-400 can focus at just over 3ft...
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    Your best animal shots!

    Colts Colts having a great run as only they can.
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    Couple of foals showing off for me! or just enjoying theirselves?

    Wish I had taken more, but Watson my dog, is my constant companion on walks had to be restrained because of wild fowl
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Great shot, I have tried for some time to get images of these brilliant birds :) came within 2 metres of one perched looking over the river recently, gone before I could even get my camera up to eye level. Have since seen them the flying at speed in the same area, maybe I need a hide and...
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Goldfinch and Bluetit
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    Portrait of your "Best friend"

    My boy Watson, have posted some pictures of him before, as he grows older still only 4, the camera loves him. Alan
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    300mm f2.8 IS USM - first version

    Just bought one at a decent price, offloaded my 100-400 to help pay for it, love it bare or with the 1.4 extender, unsure if 2x extender would be of any use, others may care to comment. Regards, Alan
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    What stuff did you buy/sell in 2015?

    Sold: 100-400 mk1, liked it but the 300 bare or with a 1.4 extender is in a different class. Bought: Canon 70-200mm f2.8 Mk2, Canon 300mm f2.8 Mk1, Manfrotto Carbon Befree Tripod and lots of small stuff, all adds up. Got to pay for refitting our ensuite shower room in the new year (or the wife...
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    Portrait of your "Best friend"

    Watson, my beloved Border terrier, just back from having his coat hand stripped, the girls in the parlour put on the bandana! we will use it again on Christmas day, Regards, Alan
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    best bird lens if you pls

    I have the 100-400 mark 1, it is decent, but not with the 1.4 extender. The mark 2 on the images I have seen seems great with or without the 1.4 extender. Do not even consider the 2x extender unless you get a 2.8 300mm or similar.
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    Great white lens overkill for a graduation?

    My daughters masters degree in chemistry takes place in Bath Abbey early July, I will surely take my 70-200 mk2 f2.8 and hope to get a few decent shots, done this before at my sons graduation in a lecture hall. Will of course buy the pro shots, also are hiring the gown for a extra week (not...
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    Portrait of your "Best friend"

    My best mate, Watson.