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    Sony a7R3 Review and 5D Mark IV Comparisons | Dustin

    If you match the 32000 iso images to be at the same exposure, will they tie or is it still a win for sony?
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    Not so pristine 24-70 f/2.8 II, would you buy it?

    Well, the cheapest one following this one is at u$s1333 and has a small needlehead mark near the edge. A good one is u$s1466. I was about to tell him that the front replacement costs u$s600, so i could pay as much as u$s600 for the lens, and let him be like "hmmmmm, lets go for 700" or...
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    Not so pristine 24-70 f/2.8 II, would you buy it?

    I don't know if im suppose to post links, ill just to it in a small clickable link. The lens is currently up in a world wide site (MercadoLibre). Its a Canon 24-70 f/2.8 II, currently at u$s1000. It has some details on the front element, would you consider this worth buying? What about buying it...
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    Would you buy this? (24-70 II with marks) It's for sale here in my country. Prize is around u$s1100. I think i could get it down to u$s800. Do you think those marks will degrade the image quality? Coming from a 24-105mm (10/10 conditions)...
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    EOS R first impressions - post your hands-on impressions here

    ¿How is the -6 EV AF working? Did any of you guys tested that?
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    A size comparison between the RF 24-105mm f/4L IS and RF 28-70mm f/2L

    Holy shit, what if that lens has RF and EF position? And moves a mirror to allow that to happen?
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    Alternative Generic Charger

    Hello! Ill try to be as short as possible. Im looking for a LP E6 charget that can be: both charged with ac and powerbanks and has output, to use lp e6 as powerbanks too. I saw this one, on ebay...
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    5Dsr MP-E 65 z-stacking experiments.

    So, you're saying that in between a 5DsR and a 5D2/5D are the limits, ¿any camera in between (6D, 6D2, 5D4) would just balance the quality/diffraction/magnification?
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    I doubt this is even [CR1] but I guess it starts somewhere - 7D3 specs?

    I'll do a realistic list: 24 Mpx (I'd say a polished 80D sensor). 12 fps. (14 would be a 1DX2 killer but...). 4k@30 fps. (Again, 4k@60 fps would be a 1DX2 killer but... it'll sell like hot bread) FHD@120 fps. I'd say 70/90% AF Point spread coverage. More than a few with -3 EV (If not all of...
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    DXO: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Sensor Review: Great Color and ISO Performance

    I'm curious about low light AF performance compared to the original 6D. Does that -3 EV is "3" EV or ir it more like "-3.5 EV"? And another thing is the UHS-1 write speeds on the 6D2.
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    Hands on With the New EOS M100, EF 85mm f/1.4L IS & New Tilt Shift Lenses

    Am i seeing wrong? Is it 0.60 cm minimum focus distance for the 135mm? And 0.25 cm on the 50mm?
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    Generic Battery for 1DX Mark II?

    Edit: Post on the wrong place. Like Spokane said above, why not rent them?
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    White dot on 70-200 IS II

    First of all, good evening. Im currently owning a Canon 70-200 F4 IS (with a Canon 6D) and i'm looking to step up. And looking for the 70-200 IS II this one appeared. The only detail is this white dot on the edge of the frontal element, ¿Is this going to affect my image quality? The lens is...
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    PetaPixel poops on the 6D2 sensor

    So the good old sandisk extreme pro are more than enough? Anything above 80mb/s is enough? Im thinking out loud because many said the UHS-1 wasn't enough for 4k video. (Digic 7 is more than capable of handling it).
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    PetaPixel poops on the 6D2 sensor

    Any news on writing speed from the UHS-1 slot? And small question: We can write 4k video on the current UHS-1 speed, right?