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    Reliable CFast cards for 1D X Mark II

    This is a good point. I thought of it after I made my previous post, and I guess it could perhaps be an issue if you've been out for a while with the camera in a backpack letting it get cold before using it. Never really thought about this until I read the comment in this thread. Maybe I just...
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    Reliable CFast cards for 1D X Mark II

    Thanks for sharing this. Apparently they have some people from SanDisk as well. The price point of these new ProGrade CFast cards is quite remarkable, pretty much half compared to Lexar 3600x (assuming they are comparable in quality). I see they are designed to work in temperatures down to...
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    Reliable CFast cards for 1D X Mark II

    Thanks everybody for your input. Much appreciated. I'm going to go with the Lexar 3600x series. Don't know if they actually are any more reliable then the SanDisk equivialent, but there doesn't seem to be many (if any) issues reported with the Lexar 3600x. Gives me some peace of mind at least...
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    Reliable CFast cards for 1D X Mark II

    Hi, Been searching around a bit trying to decide which CFast cards to get for the 1D X Mark II. I've always used SanDisk CF and SD cards in all my cameras, but seems like there's been quite a few reliability problems with their CFast cards. Started looking into Lexar and sure enough there are...
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    Craigslist Scam of the Day!

    Just copy some of the text and do a google search. There ya go!
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    RRS enters the fray - QD strap + plate

    It's a Magpul MS4 weapon sling:
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    Hiking Setup and Backpacks

    I highly recommend F-Stop Gear backpacks. For hiking and other day trips I use the F-Stop Gear Guru with a F-Stop Gear Pro Small ICU. It contains my 6D, 16-35 F/4L, 70-300 F/4-5.6L, Lee Filter Holder and several 100x100mm filters, basic lens and filter cleaning equipment, remote timer and some...
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    Even more tripod woes

    I have the ReallyRightStuff TQC-14 with BH-30 LR ballhead, and I love it. One of the reasons I chose the RRS is because you can remove the center column completely and still have a solid hook underneath. I do a lot of long exposure photography and the TQC-14 is the only tripod I use. 2, 5, 10...
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    Canon EOS 80D Announced

    Curious to see whether the 18-135 and Power Zoom Adapter will fit the C300 or if the "lip" will get in the way.
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    How noisy is the IS motor of the 70-200mm F/4L IS USM?

    Thanks for the tip, hydrapenguin. I generally don't like to go for third party options when it comes to lenses. That's just a personal preference due to various experiences over the past years. I already found a good deal on a used Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II USM, so I'm all set. :)
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    How noisy is the IS motor of the 70-200mm F/4L IS USM?

    Hey DominoDude, no laughter from my side. Thank you for sharing your experience with the lens and the video clip. I can definitely hear the IS working, which is a bit disappointing as it's the only thing keeping me for buying that fine lens. Although while noisy, the IS does seem to be doing...
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    How noisy is the IS motor of the 70-200mm F/4L IS USM?

    Hi guys I'm going to purchase a 70-200 lens that I will use for video work. IS is a must, but I don't really need F/2.8 and the extra weight. However it's been mentioned several places on the net that the IS motor in the 70-200mm F/4 IS USM is very noisy. I will be having a shotgun mic mounted...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Talk [CR1]

    Hey, it happens :P But I fixed it... CFast, CFast, CFast ;) What I mean though is that if they implement it in the 5D Mark IV, it may end up like the 5D Mark III. While its there and it's nice, it is still a stills oriented camera with an ok video function. The 5D Mark III is only so good at...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Talk [CR1]

    I hope they don't make the 5D mark IV their next 4K DSLR. It's a stills camera, its primary use is stills, and that's the market Canon aims at. As a stills shooter I would not want to pay an extra premium for the new 5D IV's amazing video features. And if it's not at a price premium, I suspect...
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    Lee Big Stopper vs. Formatt Firecrest?!?!?

    You're welcome. About the filter holders first: Lee and Formatt Hitec each took their own approach on this, and they both have pro's and con's. Regarding the Formatt Hitec I can only comment on what I have seen, as I haven't used it personally. The Lee filter holder is designed to be quick and...