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    Canon is gearing up for a big 2020 [CR2]

    I'm surprised that there isn't more of an urgency at Canon, that is half a year from now and the competition isn't waiting, and I might not either
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    Our favourite hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II

    In all of this flurry I'm wondering about the M5 MKII, what happened? Now what If Canon announced a 7DMKIII with a M5 MKII sister product just like they just did with the 90D and M6MKII ? Wishful thinking, I know....
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    We think it’s almost a sure thing Canon will announce a pro EOS R body in 2020

    Wouldn't surprise me at all if they did announce it this fall. But when would delivery be?This could just be Canon doing classic delay tactic FUD marketing, And with the A9 MKII coming why wouldn't Canon (and Nikon) do this, I would have as a marketing tool for sure.
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    Is the EOS 7D Mark II the last in the 7D series? We’re told that it is [CR1]

    I dropped the first one and did not have a backup. so I got two so I would have a backup and so I can have one on the 600 and one on the 400 DO II or the 100-400 II all ready to go. I have been doing this for a long time now, and it is of course up to me how I spend my money, as for your...
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    Is the EOS 7D Mark II the last in the 7D series? We’re told that it is [CR1]

    Maybe I can explain this to you: After I have paid over $20 k for a 600mm IS II, 400mm DO II and a 100-400, I cant afford to buy 2 x 1DX MKII. I need to have two bodies, because one of them is a backup if one failed. So there went another $4k on bodies plus of course grips and batteries so say...
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    Is the EOS 7D Mark II the last in the 7D series? We’re told that it is [CR1]

    I agree completely with you, and a s a message to Canon, it is now 5 years ago pretty much since the 7DMKII came out and If there is no serious replacement camera with better AF and Sensor, I'm selling my Canon Gear (2 x 7DMKII, 600mm IS II, 400 DO II, etc etc,) and going back to Nikon.. As a...
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    APS-C DSLR lineup to get a shake up? [CR1]

    I agree with you that a 7DMKII, needs to be a Great Nikon D500 competitor, and the message to Canon after over 4 years of the MKII if the new MKIII isn't what a birder like me wants, I will go to either Nikon or Sony (when they have real telephoto lenses) Eye tracking on the Sony A9 is hugely...
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    Patent: New Consumer Level Zoom Lenses

    The current 15-45mm EF-M a weak point? Not my copy. It is VERY sharp, af speed could of course be faster.
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    We're Not Convinced an EOS 7D Mark III is Coming in 2018

    Something tells me that the leaks about a coming 7DMKIII thi spring could also be an intentional marketing tactic by Canon to try to block to many people from jumping ship at Christmas. Nikon had real heavy promotions for the D500 with a grip and extra battery for a very good price at Christmas...
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    We're Not Convinced an EOS 7D Mark III is Coming in 2018

    We DO need a better sensor, more DR, always need better AF, and a little better buffer would be nice, the Nikon D500 has all that and I think it would be in Canons interest to protect their revenue base and deliver it this year...
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    Images & Specifications For the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III

    Well I seem to be in the minority. I like: The "looks" of this camera (not from the beauty perspective, from a usability and feature set). It has a real grip to hold on to (how many dropped RX100 are there?), a viewfinder (a must for me) real controls, it is a mini dslr, that I would learn...
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    New DSLR Series Coming in 2018? [CR1]

    Another option would be an AP-C body with a built in grip, all of us serious birders would be so very happy with that as a replacement for the 7DMKII. 24mp AP-C, better DR, 12-14 fps, 1dX II like AF or better, better buffer and CFast cards. Would be just what I would like. Although unlikely...
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    Multiple APS-C Sensor PowerShot Cameras Coming? [CR2]

    I'm not interested in 4K movies. And I don't think I'm alone. If you want that there are plenty of choices around. I would like to see the upcoming (?) G5 X II to have a much better lens that isn't so soft in the corners and better overall performance, less shutter lag, better fps and buffer. 24...
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    Upcoming Powershot Models?

    I'm hoping for an upgrade to the G5 X = Mark II, I like the look of the mark I, something to hold on to, with controls and a low learning curve. Now if Canon fixes the problems of version 1 (Lens in corners, RAW shooting performance and buffer) I will for sure order one.