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    No crop on 4K coming in next APS-C DSLR [CR1]

    39.3MP would make much more sense: 7680 x 5120 (For some reason 39.3 would likely become 39.5 to account for whatever overhead they seem to pad into these MP calculations.) 7680 / 2 = 3840 5120 / 2 = 2560 2560 adjusted for aspect ratio compliance = 2160
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    Firmware: Canon EOS 5D Mark III v1.3.5

    Is 5D III expected to eventually work with the wireless adapter, or is that tong in cheek wishful thinking?
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    No EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Replacements in 2017 [CR2]

    Light gathering is light gathering, just because each pixel has more 'noise' doesn't mean the net image will suffer. 2x2 sampling = 4 pixels gathering light to represent 1 pixel, and 120MP becomes 30. That said; I'm baffled at Canons choice of 30.4MP on the 5D IV as opposed to 39.3MP For those...
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    A challenge, and how much is 'enough'.

    Well that was an offensive thing to say. I found it rather factual and to the point myself. So now there is a 'correct' color. And it is 'Neutral tone", "Best done automatically via WB tool." This is all bad information and false. Please don't spread bad information. You cannot be...
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    A challenge, and how much is 'enough'.

    Right... Because your so amazing it only takes you 1 second. P.S. I said color, not WB. Color correction involves more than temperature alone. If you like poor color reproduction for an artsy look; whatever floats your boat man. You could always invert the colors and apply a psychedelic...
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    A challenge, and how much is 'enough'.

    I took 30 seconds to correct your color. As for "when is enough enough"; You may want to invest in a new monitor if the color appeared to be correct on yours. (Image attachment specified)
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    Patent: Canon EF 1000mm f/5.6 IS DO

    Wouldn't it make more sense to call this the 1 meter lens? ;)
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    The Canon WFT-E8A Wireless File Transmitter Has Started Shipping

    Wow, only $599 -- I thought it would have been $1,000,000. I figured the s&h would have been $599 alone. (totally worth it, without having it shipped you would never get it.) That said; a gold plated stainless hex bolt instead of the Phillips screw on the cover would have been a nice touch.
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    Review - Canon EF 50mm f/1.0L

    Have you considered a career in journalism?
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    Review - Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG Art

    You're an idiot if you wouldn't pay $0.99 for weather sealing. You're an idiot if you think you can out-protect the weather seal with your ninja reflexes and preparation. One of my bodies got wrecked by a rouge wave simply splashing onto the bag my camera was in. I didn't even think it got wet...
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    Patent: Sigma 200mm f/2 DG OS USM & 1.4 Teleconverter

    My bet would be this will be priced at or around $2199 If they made it without IS (which I doubt they will) I could see it as low as $1499 give or take. My bet is also that the focus speed and accuracy will perform accordingly. Bottom line is if you are a pro that needs to capture the moment...
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    Patent: Sigma 200mm f/2 DG OS USM & 1.4 Teleconverter

    "New and interesting", as in the same as Canon's lens, Alrighty then.
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    Canon EOS 5D X Chatter Continues [CR0]

    I think maybe he meant building floor, and not aircraft row / seat. I've seen the 13th floor omitted quite frequently. I think there is even a movie called the 13th floor.
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    Canon to Surprise With New Mirrorless Camera

    Surprise! -- There is no Surprise.
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    What Do You Want to See in the EOS M System?

    1. larger camera? Heck no, make it smaller if possible. Get an SL1 if you want something larger. 2. Minimize buttons? Another big No. Camera needs more, and higher quality ones, similar to the DSLR controls. 3. Built-in EVF? No way to the EVF. Wireless display yes, headset accessory, sure...