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    Double shutter sound on the R

    I think it happened to me once when shooting evening landscape with RF 24-105, but maybe it was just motion blur. Since then I have EFCS as default unless shooting portraits. Nice macro pic, btw.
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    Double shutter sound on the R

    It depends on what you shoot, but it's supposed to be a bigger problem with mirrorless than with DSLRs. For example Nikon Zs launched with default mechanical shutter and it was a problem, so they introduced a firmware update with Auto mode, that chooses shutter mode based on shutter speed. I...
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    Double shutter sound on the R

    What about shutter shock? EFCS is default on EOS R for a reason.
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    Specifications and pricing for the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS and Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS

    For the first time I noticed it's extending at 15mm and not at 35mm. o_O
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    Here is a short list of unreleased Canon gear from certification agencies

    Nokishita also says at the bottom of the page (Google translated):
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    RF 24-240mm: No full frame cover at 24mm

    I downloaded RAW file from DPReview's gallery for RF24-240 (, loaded it into Lightroom and exported WITH and WITHOUT corrections. Here are results.
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    Specifications and pricing for the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS and Canon RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS

    I am really curious about lens coatings used on RF 24-70, because 21 elements are a lot. Even the RF 28-70 beast has only 19 elements. I hope light transmission, flaring and microcontrast will not suffer.
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    Canon EOS M6 Mark II full specifications

    I don't see anything about the silent shutter. I hoped M6II would be THE Canon camera for street photography, because right now Canon does not really cover this niche. M50 and RP do not have manual mode with silent shutter, R is little too big and has slow sensor readout, so hopefully either...
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    In one of the recent IBIS patents, Canon has what seems to be an EF-mount mirrorless camera with EVF and IBIS. It's just a patent, but it's obvious that Canon at least experiments with EF mirrorless things. (It also seems to have a mirror inside the EVF, so technically it's not mirrorless...
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    New mid-level DSLR and EOS M5 Mark II the next ILC’s from Canon? [CR1]

    Is it realistic to expect R's EVF in M5 II? I didn't have a problem with M5's EVF until I bought R... now it seems so tiny. Also a 24MP sensor is the ideal place to start with uncropped (binning? oversampled?) 4K, especially with a new faster-readout sensor... if that fits into Canon's...
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    DXOMark tests the Canon EOS R image sensor, scores it at 89

    DPReview: "EOS R scores only 89 points in DXOMark, Canon fires 60 employees in response"
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    Canon EOS RP body price confirmed at $1299 USD, and we’re very happy about it

    Any chances of lowering MSRP of the original R?
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    Disable Touch AF

    Maybe you have turned on the Continuous AF?
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    EOS-R Images

    Love these photos! Anyone got a decent landscape photo with RF 24-105 at @24mm? From reviews the wide end seems kinda weak, but I would rather see a real world example.
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    Lower end EOS R body to omit the touch bar

    What if this lower end R is without a viewfinder? Because that would effectively distinguish it from EOS R. And make it cheaper for Canon. I know that some people rarely use viewfinders and always use LCDs. (Personally I am the opposite.) I don't know how big this niche is, but as there is no...