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    EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III and EF 600mm f/4L IS III developers talk about the new super telephoto lenses

    There was a topic here where we discussed the MTF curves betweeen the series two and three 400 and 600. Without resurrecting that topic what was the final feeling of the issue of potential optical quality between the series? It looked to me that absent a different methodology the newer series...
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    Review: Canon’s new super telephoto lens cases

    The two things that I thought canon miffed on were not at least putting wheels and a handle on the hard case. The other is not making the lens mount handle arca Swiss compatible, thus reducing the need for a third party solution. The only time I’ve used hard cases was to ship lenses for...
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    I Did It

    Good for you, but what lens are you bringing? Does anyone rent equipment in these African counties? I’ve always wondered.
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    Lexar announces the world’s first 1TB SD card

    The write speed on other lexar 633x cards varies from 10MB/ Sec to 45 MB/ Sec, I prefer usb3 flash drives for off device storage esp the faster ones like the newer usb 3.1 ones which write at 150-380MB/ Sec. I have wondered why usb flash cards could not e used as on camera storage in place of...
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    As many as 7 new RF lenses coming in 2019 [CR2]

    Except in the case of mount conversions between EF and R it’s not just about the mount it’s also about the optics. So I doubt you will see simple mount conversions, by canon for these systems.
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    As many as 7 new RF lenses coming in 2019 [CR2]

    This isn’t entirely true, an adapter without optics isn’t possible, but the optics may be tough to squeeze in, and may need to be lens specific. What we have not yet seen is third party lenses for R. And all the new ’Rs are looking like expensive,if good lenses.
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    Patent: 500mm and 600mm diffractive optic lenses

    I get that ML is the new platform, but EF lenses are so adaptable and the R are good only for the very short back focus. Is it just sour grapes that I want EF lenses or is canon pulling an FD to EF switch in a sort of non mandatory way. That switch gained autofocus, this one gets higher frame...
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    EF Mount: Most verstatile mount?

    Think he is talking generic EF lens, and I second his thought. Since the body of choice, Sony, canon R, whatever comes and goes obsolete every 4 years, then the lenses are where to build a base for photography. The short sensor to mount canon R distance is not going to allow easy adaption of...
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    DPReview: Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z 6 vs Sony a7 III, which is best?

    The first R is a better camera than dpr is giving credit for. Canon used the arguably best sensor in their line and good number of MPs. Cropping a 24 vs a 30 something image is major to me. Sure it lacks a few high end checks, but if one were buying lenses for future compatibility, rather...
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    Spooky AC-130U gunships

    Nice picture. Was this the plane nicknamed “Puff the magic dragon?”
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    These cat images are so good that just looking through them I’m getting itchy and sneezing.
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    Canon EOS R body with more than 75mp on the horizon [CR2]

    So off topic a little,... Two members one who wanted a 50mm lens and another whose title suggests that he studies brains have been missing post wise since mid September anyone know why? Picked this thread to ask as it is active.
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    Canon EOS R body with more than 75mp on the horizon [CR2]

    Yes you are right about diffraction limit f stops coming down, an upside of the R system though seems to be the ability to make larger aperture lenses. So maybe you lose two stops of smaller apertures but gain one stop of larger aperature’s. Granted fewer MP would boost the diffraction limit...
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    Rare lens damaged in shipping, what would you do?

    If it is aluminum fixing it might lead to cracks in the metal. If you’ve had a chance to test, Does this effect images in any way? I’d be tempted to use as is if you can get a discount. On your image the larger dent looks like it is associated with displacement of the black white material...
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    Updated list of unreleased Canon gear

    So does gps get tested by these agencies, or are these bodies lacking it? I know one can do without but I like having it, so if nothing else I know where I am.:unsure: