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    Is the Canon EOS RP the next camera up?

    No touch bar, no top LCD not necessarily cons IMO, that 6d2 sensor however got to go.
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    Patent: Non-L RF Mount zoom lenses

    I would like to see a aps-c L tele lense 400 F/4 (or something), probably not gonna happen, but IMO it would make sense (more so now for the RF mount than before). I think many for wild life are dragging around more glass than needed.
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    I like it, but realistically, hope for more complete 4K implementations.
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    What a Full Frame Canon Mirrorless Needs To Have To Be Successful

    It would not necessarily need to be usable as video if garbing frames from it is the purpose. If the alternative is taking stills you will not have a video any way.
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    Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Coming Mid October [CR3]

    Off course it would, but not gonna happen. Maybe the 90d gets 4K or 7d..
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    Canon EOS 6D Mark II Poll Results

    Probably true. But for many I think the (planned) lifespan of such camera as the 6dII is to long to not have 4K. (I do not buy the "stills camera" argument, from what I have seen dpaf is probably the best video af there is in this segment and stm lenses are mainly made for video af, they are...
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    Magic Lantern Gets 4K Video Working on the EOS 5D Mark III

    Nice. I wonder most about the upcoming 6d II, if that is released with out 4K. will it be possible to implemented later or will it be some how physical incapable of doing 4K.
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    Upcoming Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 M IS STM Will Have Macro Illumination

    NI, not interested I think .... I was a little bit when it was talk of wide angle, but this is short tele.
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    The Next Lens from Canon Will be an EF-S Prime

    a good 15-16 mm maybe.
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    Gray Canon EOS Rebel T6 in Stock at Canon Store

    What.. does not look good. The strap does not look so bad thought.
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    Canon EOS Rebel T7's are Next on the DSLR Schedule [CR2]

    Yes, I agree (in most cases), but it seem (there are statistics.) many still do get one camera and one lens. And I do not think the canon/rebels are the best in such case as canon strongest point seem to be there selection of (semi expensive although maybe cheaper that competing brands) lenses...
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    Canon EOS Rebel T7's are Next on the DSLR Schedule [CR2]

    For one camera one lens setup, it does not make sense to get a rebel at the moment. I am telling my self I did in 2008-2010, after that I have only bought lenses. Of course if the new one has the new sensor (at least the dr) and good price is could be interesting for landscape for example...
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    Magic Lantern Cracks the EOS 5D Mark IV

    Cool, hope they "make" it for an eventual 6dII as well.
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    More Canon EOS 6D Specifications Talk [CR1]

    How many ~2000$ non cannon cameras will be sold in Q2 2017 without 4K?. I actually do not believe it. (unfortunately canon will sell them any way) And tilting screen not fully articulated, it is like coming up with 3000x2000 video. If this is true it is depressing.
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    Canon EF 600mm f/4 DO IS To Arrive in Late 2017 [CR2]

    Only for weather sealing I would say i do not need 1.2, I have the Tamron 45 it is nice and weather seal is nice feature, but autofocus just is not good enough I think and that makes to hole ting a bit of strange combination, think I will have to (try) to return it.