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    Problems with EVF brightness

    I don't have the R, but on my EOS M6 with optional viewfinder you can adjust viewfinder and screen brightness independently. Go to the appropriate menu item, then try adjusting display brightness whilst looking through the viewfinder.
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    Ok stupid question: Which side of the photo paper to print on?

    Don't know the Pixma pro-100, but with my Canon iP7250 you have to load the paper into the printer with the print side facing down. Maybe that's your problem?
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    Canon RF lens specifications

    Don't know if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if R series lenses will be usable on M series cameras, with a suitable adaptor? Will depend on flange distance I suppose, but haven't seen this quoted anywhere.
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    Is anyone using 1D series for street photography?

    Quote: If by 28mm you mean the Canon 28mm pancake. That is an EF-S lens for APSC bodies. I used to have the 40, and wanted to get the 28 as well, but that tiny detail got in the way. Actually, the EF-S pancake is a 24. Another tiny detail.
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    Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Camera & Accessory USD Pricing

    ...and it cost $2,950 at the time.
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    The forum has to be redone, What needs to stay?

    I agree with all of that. What I'm talking about is something that's changed in the last week or so (for me at least) which makes the site very tedious to navigate - maybe not everyone's affected by it. But I hope that whatever it is gets sorted out soon.
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    The forum has to be redone, What needs to stay?

    I don't know about what needs to stay, but what needs to go, URGENTLY, is the advertising that's slowing this site down. It's been happening for about a week now, and I know others have complained about it on other threads. If it goes on much longer, I won't be coming back..
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    EOS M5: A damnend good camera!

    +1 to this. I think the 28mm M macro is a really nice walkaround lens, on a par with the 22mm (except for the aperture), near enough to 50mm full frame equivalent and with IS too. Pity it's not F2, or even 2.8.
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    EOS M5: A damnend good camera!

    Re: EOS M5: A damend good camera! No it isn't - you can disable it. Don't you read the manual?
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    EOS M5 - first impressions

    Re: M5: 2-3 seconds shutter delay in dark scenes (with manual flash and focus) In the same spirit as your contribution, Khufu, I think you mean "astronomical". "Astrological" is to do with the interpretation of the supposed influence of heavenly bodies on human affairs. ;)
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    Canon Announces the EOS M6

    According to The Imaging Resource, the DC1 also works on the M6
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    20mm F1.8 Rokinon

    Review here:
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    Specs & Images of the EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM & EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II Leak Out

    I wonder whether the 18-150 lens has a metal mount and barrel like the 3 original M lenses, or if it's all plastic like the later offerings.
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    Telephoto Lenses IS Stays On with M3

    There is a menu setting where you can disable/enable IS, but it's only displayed when an M lens with IS is mounted.